Born To Run



A weak verb? All we can say is, read these lyrics:

BORN TO RUN  Bruce Springsteen


Born  To Run lyrics

Born to Careen? Born to Dart? Born to Jog?!?!?

Case closed.



Image Source: Keyboard Smash Writers

Lyrics Source:  Bruce Springsteen official website



  1. It just goes to show us all what a poet Springsteen is… through his choice of words as he builds the lyric we can feel and experience the pulse, the urgency, the WHY of the run. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he chose the word-RUN.

    • Kim, you sure got to the heart of it – I couldn’t agree more! And I just love how you said it. Pulse and urgency – exactly what the music sounds like. It’s magic when the music and the lyrics are one.

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