About Me

I’m your host, Yvette Perry, and I am a communications professional. As a music-marketing executive, I negotiated corporate tour sponsorships and marketing campaigns with popular recording artists. I then took my rock ‘n’ roll moxie to the non-profit arena. At present, I am a communications consultant at Three Dog Day Productions.

So, communications has been my forte, the foundation of my career. Understanding how we communicate and figuring out ways we can communicate better – that’s been my mission.

Why Words?

Marketing, public relations, and publications, corporate and nonprofit. Different positions, companies, artists, brands, and services. But they all share the same skillset – writing and editing.

Press releases, newsletters, brand messaging, ad copy, promotional materials, artist bios, signage, website content, sponsorship proposals, fundraising letters, and annual reports. Whew… I find the right words to convey each message – and to make each message sing.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a multilingual home. Although English was my father’s third language, he easily navigated the New York Times Crossword Puzzles on Sunday mornings. And I have followed in his footsteps – every day and on Sundays. Indeed, I inherited my father’s love of language and wordplay.

Professionally and personally, it’s all about one thing: the love of words.

Welcome to Lollapalingo!

I love words. There are always new ones to learn. Or ones that you thought you knew. A word can have one meaning. Or many meanings. Or an entirely different meaning from what you thought it meant! And some, well, you just get overloaded on. Amazing, anyone?

And words evolve to serve us fittingly in the times we live in. They can last forever. Or be a flash in the pan. A classic or a one hit wonder – like the lyrics of a pop song.

That reminds me. Don’t be surprised if you find music references. Music, along with words, will always be my passion. (Oh yeah, and dogs, too.)

It seems to me, the more I know about words, the more I want to learn about them. The more I learn about them, the more fun I have with them. And the more fun I have with them, the more I want to share my love of them.

Let’s explore words we love, new words, and words with new meanings.

Together, let’s have a conversation just for the love of words.

Lollapalooza (a singular sensation) + Lingo (vocabulary) = Lollapalingo!

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